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People are craving something real.


We want the best experience possible.

We want to order the most enjoyable thing of the menu.

We desire to be fulfilled every second of the day.

We can’t wait in a doctor’s office waiting room for 10 minutes without checking on our Instagram accounts.

Yet our lives are filled with superfluous.

We numb our brains with Netflix.

We waste time snacking on a bag of pretzels and hummus, because it’s a bit healthier than the Doritos.

We grab for more and more, even if it is empty.

I believe people are craving something real.

They want something to believe in.

When it comes to marketing, only the authentic will do.

The truth is important and irreplaceable.

As a marketing creative, it is my duty to give justice to the brands I work with.

Because brands are more than just logos.

They are passionate stories that were once only an idea.

A brand was someone’s dream and vision.

My obligation is to tell that story with authenticity and integrity.