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Annie & Anjie



Creativity is not a new concept to me.

My mother’s name is Anjanette and she instilled in me a heart to create ever since I was a little girl.

She was an art teacher by trade and an artist by heart.

When I was little, we had a studio in our basement, filled with water colors and various art tools.

My mother and I painted on the walls, drew portraits, and threw pottery.

As I got older, that creativity started to take root in different areas.

I obsessed over music genres and styles.

I started dabbling in what I could create with my fingertips online.

Writing stories and poems became a regular pastime.

Today, I feel creativity living in my bones.

It doesn’t always show its face in public, but behind ever idea and concept, my creativity is what drives me.


As a barista and lifetime lover of coffee, art pours out of me during each drink made at work.

Creativity fuels my desire to make the most precise and delicious espresso based drink.

I see my mother in me every day in my job as a barista.


Writing has always been a part of my life.

I won school essay competitions, I looked under the surface and between the lines in English classes, and read until my eyes forced shut every night.

I have always been able to put pen to paper and create something beautiful.

Now that I am older, my stories are less fictional than they used to be.

Now with my writing, I desire to tell a deeper story.

Whether it is for a blog’s website or a company’s marketing strategy, I believe words have power.

They can influence, instruct, and impact a reader.

I want to write stories that people believe in and can be passionate about.


Design is art living and breathing on the screen.

For me, in every click of the mouse when creating a design element is intentional and fueled by creativity.

Without an imagination, the images are flat and dull.

I strive to create pieces that inspire users to ask for more.

I want to turn heads and warm hearts.


My mother is one of the most creative people I know.

She exudes warmth and passion with every piece she creates.

I hope to embody that same identity.

I want to create like Anjanette Hughes.