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We Love St. Charles

We Love St. Charles is a non-profit in St. Charles seeking to serve their city through intentional family and youth mentoring, homeless prevention strategies, and job training. Executive Director Nancy Strebe casts a clear vision and implements strategic plans everyday to best serve St. Charles.

I have been interning with WLSC since December 2017, assisting the marketing team in creating beautiful and efficient content.

This is a main marketing piece used in order to engage users with the most efficient, written form of learning about what WLSC does on a daily and long-term basis. Vision and clarity was key in creating this piece. I did not want to draw people away from the content with noisy images or quirky text. Therefore, I chose simple sans font styles to keep things simple and manageable for users.

This is a sponsorship packet for potential partners of We Love St. Charles. This piece has a lot of necessary information on it, because the desire is for potential partners to be fully informed and drawn into the mission and vision. However, this piece is busy with text, so I styled it to be an efficient read with clean lines. I want to position WLSC in such a way that clients do not tire from information but rather are eager to partner. See the full packet here. 



This piece is used for catching the eye of potential partners, both business and client-based. With simple, passionate statements I sought to engage users in a pleasing experience and inviting mission. The bold typography creates powerful statements for users to wrestle with and think through.