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coffee craaft

Coffee Craaft is a playful, whimsical coffee shop in historic St. Charles. Ted Theodore opened Coffee Craaft in 2014 with the dream of creating a space for families to come and hang out. Theodore cuts through the typical cafe clutter with his playfully inspired drinks, including “Mario’s Green Tea Mocha” and “Snoopy’s Snickerdoodle Latte.” The space is constructed to be kid-friendly, with a play area behind the shop and child-sized tables and chairs seated away from the “adult area.”  


Design: In my mind, Coffee Craaft is whimsical and playful by nature. When designing this piece I had a child-like vision in mind. I wanted the logo to be creatively silly and something that a child would find appealing. The bicycle and strung-out letters are the main vocal points within this design. The brand fits the personality of the area of the city Coffee Craaft would be located in.

SPEC WORK: this is a fictitious company. all design and copy is the product of my own imagination and vision – ANNA MAITLIN HUGHES