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GOAT Coffee Company

GOAT coffee company strives for one thing and one thing only: kicking ass. This CHI-town and St. Louis shop opened both locations the weekend after Thanksgiving back in 2016. Owner’s Simon Rendlake and Ella Taylor are St. Louis natives that desired to create a cutting edge brand that exceeded all expectations and pushed the boundaries in the coffee world. GOAT Coffee is slang for “greatest of all time” and lives up to the name. With under-bar systems, distinct pour over and single-serve brewing methods, GOAT is taking the industry to the next level. 

Design: I chose this design because I wanted to capitalize on the minimalist movement. For the past few years, simplicity has been demanding more attention than the usual cluttered designs. I cut through that noise with this simple design. I combined muted tones with a quirky name and design in order to produce a brand that screams original. Personality is the most important flavor at coffee shops, especially in the city, therefore I wanted the GOAT’s voice to shine.

SPEC WORK: this is a fictitious company. all design and copy is the product of my own imagination and vision – ANNA MAITLIN HUGHES