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Big Bunny Recording

Big Bunny Recording is a recording studio based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Known for producing a diverse flavor of music, Big Bunny has worked with artists from all ends of music genres and pushes the boundaries with their unique recording stye.

Design: Nashville is known for their growing creative scene on Music Row. Therefore, in order for any new recording studio to survive, something has to set them apart in their branding. I designed this piece with a vision of originality in mind. Within my design I chose simple and stylistic elements such as the thin lines and capitalization of lettering. The piano keys create a quirky design element that might get people laughing and asking questions; intrigue can go a long way! With BIG BUNNY, I envision goofiness combined with simplicity.

SPEC WORK: this is a fictitious company. all design and copy is the product of my own imagination and vision – ANNA MAITLIN HUGHES